Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety is a serious health condition that is experienced by everyone today. Most of the people would have been at the mercy of anxiety attacks at some point in their life. The degree of the attack varies with individuals and for some people might have minor anxiety episodes while others might experience long ones that can cripple them emotionally and physically. As a result, it becomes difficult for the individuals to lead a normal life with productivity. And by seeing a person, no one can say how intense their anxiety effects would be. However, if you are curious enough, here are few of the significant causes of anxiety attacks, which explain how certain people become a victim of it in different phases of their lives.

1. Genetics – (Can’t really be considered completely)

When a person faces anxiety attacks, it is most likely that the person’s family lineage will be checked for any other members who have gone through such anxiety attacks as well. But having a family member with anxiety doesn’t necessarily mean that you would suffer from the same condition. The anxiety condition might run only in some families and not in all. It is mostly due to the family atmosphere, beliefs and other factors. Though there is a chance for genetic influence on anxiety disorders, the concept that mental illness can be inherited does not have any substantial proof and it is really not helpful. The other side of this story is that human can always learn, grow and cope up their mind with changes for a better life.

2. Intensive long term stress

Anxiety attacks can happen due to unnecessary fears and worries that can disrupt daily life by large. Those days can be very stressful than the other days. Some of the fear might be just cooked up or based on imagination, while some of it might be real. Extreme stress at work can drain you physically and emotionally with inappropriate mental responses. It is high time that you take a break. People who work under very stressful conditions and pressure scenarios might develop the tendency to argue, avoid, garner self-pity and experience delusions.

3. Post-traumatic stress

Post-traumatic stress is a form of anxiety where people get affected due to the aftermath of a tragedy or an event that is unforgettable in their life. These scenarios might be due to a life threatening incident, loss of a loved one, a gruesome accident or any other devastating life episodes whose effects might continue for a long period of time. The victim might suffer from recurring episodes of nightmares leading to a major symptom like denial.

4. Environmental triggers

Every person experiences discomfort in some way and some of the triggers in their environment can lead to anxiety attacks. Some people would feel uncomfortable to talk in big stages and when they are forced to do so, they might develop anxiety attacks. In some cases people might become nervous to go out in the dark. People with anxiety disorders might find these environmental triggers extremely discomforting than other normal people.

5. Deficiency of Vitamin B

Anxiety occurs when the body suffers a vitamin B deficiency. It usually sets in when this vitamin is in lower amounts in the body. There are many other causes for anxiety and this reason is applicable if you experience anxiety without the above mentioned causes. You can always get a vitamin supplement and be done with the condition, but the chemical causes of anxiety attacks aren’t that simple to be treated quickly. It is better that you go for a checkup and get it checked if you really face a deficiency and then you could go on with your self-treatment.


These are not the only causes responsible for anxiety attacks. You can experience anxiety attacks for no reason at all. You might suffer from anxiety attacks for reason even unknown by doctor and scientists. But the majority of the people who are victims of this condition can relate themselves to one of these causes. However, there is no specific universal cause of anxiety and people who do not come under any of these causes might also experience episodes of anxiety attack.

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